Greenwashing 101

It’s Profitable to be “Woke,” but Who is Really Walking the Walk? Greenwashing. Also known as “green sheen,” greenwashing refers to when companies market themselves as being sustainable, low-waste, eco-friendly, or just generally green. This video by Hasan Minhaj does an excellent job of pointing out two prominent examples of companies who are claiming toContinue reading “Greenwashing 101”

Why Make the Change?

If inividual action isn’t going to cut it, why advocate for it? Studies have shown that individual action is not going to be enough to reverse the negative effects of climate change on the planet. We cannot stop global warming, we (by we, I mean governments of large companies and corporations) can only try toContinue reading “Why Make the Change?”

January Goal: Go Meatless

Good-bye cheeseburgers, fried chicken, and turkey legs… So how can a picky eater like myself eliminate a large chunk of their diet and still eat? With surprising ease it turns out. I had already cut red meat out of my diet because eating it made me feel physically horrible (sweaty, bloated, nauseous, etc), but IContinue reading “January Goal: Go Meatless”

Little by Little: My Monthly Plan

The best way to achieve any goal is break it up into small chunks, so I decided that the best way to break up my ultimate goal of being 100% sustainable and zero-waste (or as close to it as possible) was to set a goal for every month.

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